This research project has employed various research methodologies: desk research, field explorations, interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and action research.

Desk research has provided an initial overview of interesting cases, as well as the necessary intellectual tools to approach an emerging field of research. Selected resources (readings and links to mapping websites) have been listed in the Resources section of this website).


Initial scoping questionnaires have been used to approach urban policy makers and to identify emerging issues in the policy field, preliminary to more selected interviews.

A different questionnaire has also been used to approach landless people interested in urban agriculture. This survey is on-going and can be accessed here.

Field explorations have been used alongside interviews to visit urban agricultural projects and meet their organisers, in various British cities, as well as policy makers in related policy fields (i.e. allotments and parks management, food strategies designers). A complete list of projects is available in the Publications downloadable in this website, and a selection of the most interesting and inspiring gardens is available in the Case Studies section.

Action research, has been the underlying methodology for the design of a series of workshops participated by policy makers and urban food growers, under the name of ‘Urban Food Justice. A social platform on urban agriculture in the Leeds City Region’. More details on the social platform can be found here.