The concluding event of the social platform has been held in the Civic Hall, and run in collaboration with the AGM of Feed Leeds. After the presentation of some of the main outcomes of the discussions held during last year, the participants had the opportunity to feed back on this initiative and discuss if and how to take it forward, and what policy outcomes could be expected.

Ideas from the discussions:

Feedback has been very positive, remarking the appreciation for the incremental approached adopted in designing the workshops (linking each discussion and leading towards a progression in skills building and policy impact). One year on from the launch, Feed Leeds is now an independent organisation, and many participants to the social platform events are also FL members. However, the learning element of the UFJ platform has been recognised as a key driver, and stronger motivator for attendance. Many participants have expressed interest in volunteering — if needed — to ensure the continuation of this experience. A number of council officers have taken part in this event and provided support to take some of the ambitions expressed in the workshops forward, to the political arena.


Download Presentation of the Concluding Report, Chiara Tornaghi

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