A one day long event with presentations, workshops, excursions, and tree planting. An opportunity for envisioning the future of urban agriculture in Leeds. The social platform Urban Food Justice (UFJ) has been launched together with Feed Leeds (FL), as it aimed to support the consolidation of a network of urban agriculturalists (such as FL), and supported its development and empowerment with a series of learning events.


André from Urban Food Justice on Vimeo.

Some of the ideas emerged from the discussion:

Policy – vision 30% by 2025; action plans; food growing to be incorporated into designed spaces; innovative planning; revision of allotments act; top down, city region; planning provision for living on smallholdings.


Land Access/Alternative Spaces – More spaces in inner city area; office workers allotment; map to identify what spaces are available; diversion of land management resources to the new agenda; Polytunnels/greenhouses next to power stations and crematoriums; window boxes, street planters, meanwhile spaces; car parks; flat roofs hospitals gardens.

Food Hub – a hub with an holistic approach, in charge of coördination, networking, education, forums, central purchasing, procurement, markets; at city region level.

Mobilise Resources — showing research, good practice and existing knowledge and resources within the network.

Showcase – Inspirational initiatives, i.e. Eco-schools, rooftop gardens, commercial projects; using parks as showcase for type of growing.


Soil – plant flowers in contaminated soils.

Facilities – council led facilities for community composting, deposit grassy leaves, communal huts/sheds in community gardens for storage, meeting, selling, make a hot drink.

Outlets – roadside stalls; involve local business to exchange veg waste; supermarkets to sell local produce; weekly farmers markets, collective marketing of food; vans mobile shops.

Alternative Crops – Leeds vineyards, mushrooms, honey, wood growing, crops which meet the needs of different cultures.

Education/Schools – on growing and cooking skills, seasonality, disseminating routes to achieving goals, food growing in every school, more widely into the curriculum; school kitchen.

Community and Outreach – grow in the community, but in places next to home/offices; involve older and younger people, people on benefits; grow on the doorsteps: promote use of home gardens, distribute starters kits.





Download Food Justice, Chiara Tornaghi
Download Urban Agriculture for a Sustainable Future, Andre Viljoen and Katrin Bohn
Download Feed Leeds, Joanne Clough


Download Food Justice, Chiara Tornaghi
Download Urban Agriculture for a Sustainable Future, Andre Viljoen
Download Feed Leeds, Joanne Clough