Converging agroecological farming and social justice movements

About this website: Neoliberalism and capitalist urbanisation are expanding around the world through exploitative and extractive socio-economic models that pollute the planet,  destroy farmland, marginalise small farmers, increse social inequality and precarity,  and normalise urban ways of life alienated from a meaningful connection with the Earth. 

 This website offers a range of resources, co-produced with urban and agrarian communities of practice,  to support the convergence between the most marginalised producers and consumers (and their respective social movements) who have long been separated alongside the rural-urban divide. It is our belief that full agroecological transitions in the food system cannot happen unless we transform urban ways of life and urbanisation approaches towards models built around the centrality, and needs, of soils and soil carers, acknowledging our mutual dependency with the more-than-human, and our beloging to the web of life.  

It is my wish for these resources to contribute to bridging urban and rural movements for social justice, food sovereignty and agroecology, developing transformative trajectories together to build an "agroecological urbanism" from below. 

About the author: my name is Chiara Tornaghi. I am a scholar-activist, originally from Italy, living in the UK since 2006. I   hold a PhD in Applied Sociology (University of Milano-Bicocca, 2005), a degree in Political Science (cum laude, State Univeristy of Milan, 2001), and a PgCert in European Spatial Planning (Newcastle University, UK, 2006). After working across several universities, in Italy (Politecnico di Milano, UNIMIB), Austria (TU Vienna) and the UK (University of Leeds), since 2015 I work at the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (Coventry University), where I am Associate Professor in Urban Food Sovereignty and Resilience. My work is at the intersection between agroecological farmers movements and urban food justice and sovereignty movements; urban and peri-urban agriculture; political pedagogies for urban agroecology and the politics of prefiguration; feminist social reproduction and medicinal agroecological practices.


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